Choose a category below to learn about the features and technology that make the Pb200i the most advanced device of its kind in the world.


product features durability ease of use ergonomic design

A. Durable aluminum protects detector, source and electronics—no fragile measurement window

B. Rugged, sealed control buttons provide positive tactile feedback

C. Instrument housing is fully sealed—dust and water tight, for rugged reliability

A. Ready–to–test light turns on when proximity button is activated

B.QVGA color, 240 x 320 pixel, touchscreen display with good visibility in bright and dim light

C. Center–action trigger minimizes the pulling effort required to take a measurement

D. Stabilizer makes it easy to hold the instrument steady during measurements

E. Standard camera lets you integrate pictures of sample test locations in reports for highly defensible data

F. Six standard, off–the–shelf, rechargeable (Ni-MH) or disposable (lithium ion), AA batteries — no more custom battery packs

A. Shutter–open indicator safety warning light

B. Proximity button presses flush with snout surface to allow firm contact with measurement surface.

C. Nose indentation features make it easier to point the instrument where you want to measure

D. Protective overmolds help to ensure a comfortable, secure grip in all conditions

E. Ergonomic handle securely fits a wide range of hand sizes, minimizing operator fatigue

F. Wrist lanyard helps prevent accidental drops