Product News: 5 Solutions to Help Officers Keep Their Distance

The Osprey-UVX under vehicle x-ray inspection system from Viken Detection, in conjunction with Viken’s handheld imagers, provides law enforcement with a comprehensive, practical, affordable and safe non-intrusive inspection (NII) solution for high-throughput vehicle scanning at border, critical infrastructure and other security and military checkpoints.

Freight Waves Mentions Viken Detection

Viken Detection of Burlington, Massachusetts, will install four undercarriage X-ray scanners known as Osprey-UVX at two South Texas land ports of entry as part of a contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Viken Introduces Under Vehicle Scanner; CBP Plans Evaluation

Viken Detection this month unveiled an X-Ray system that can provide real-time imaging for under vehicle inspection, including compartments and spaces beneath the occupants, for relatively high-throughput uses at the border, critical infrastructure, embassies and other security and military checkpoints.

The Technology Role by Jim Ryan

While the political discussions that focus on how to secure America’s borders rage on without a clear resolution regarding what or how policies and procedures could change, one element of the discussion remains clear and present–that technology must and will play an ever more significant role at the U.S. border.

Vehicle scanning technology at the border is about to ruin the drug trade

Viken Detection is one of the companies developing a full vehicle scanning portal for passenger vehicles at one of those border entry points.

"The goal for us would be to scan every vehicle that's going across the border," said Viken Detection CEO Jim Ryan. The mission is analogous to Transportation Security Administration scanning every person and piece of luggage that makes it onto an airplane as quickly as possible.