How a handheld lead paint analyzer works

fox5 handheld lead paint analyzer

NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - FOX 5 NY got an exclusive look at the new device that is being used to test for lead paint in tens of thousands of NYCHA apartments.

The Viken PB200I looks like a sophisticated store price checker but it is actually a lead paint analyzer. It allows EPA-trained technicians to instantly test for lead paint.

Each analyzer costs $16,000 and can give results within seconds. That is a big advancement over the old way that relied on visual inspections and waiting weeks or months for results.

Viken Detection CEO Jim Ryan, who demonstrated how the PB200I works, said that many people think that lead paint exposure for children under 6 comes from ingesting chips of peeling paint. But he explained that friction caused by constantly opening and closing lead-painted doors or windows can produce lead dust particles, which are especially dangerous to children under 6 and pregnant women.

NYCHA began testing in mid-April. So far, testing is underway at eight developments. The results will be posted on the agency's website.

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