Product News: 5 Solutions to Help Officers Keep Their Distance

osprey uvx

A number of manufacturers that are able have switched some efforts into providing PPE for public safety and those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Other essential companies continue supplying their vital products law enforcement needs daily for the job.

From sensors that give you a remote eye for inspection, health screeners, to online tools some solutions are designed to allow law enforcement officers to keep their "social distance".

Here are 5 solutions that were designed to help officers keep their distance, and continue to do the job.

The Osprey UVX (Under Vehicle X-Ray) drive-over system by Viken Detection.Viken Detection

The Osprey-UVX under vehicle x-ray inspection system from Viken Detection, in conjunction with Viken’s handheld imagers, provides law enforcement with a comprehensive, practical, affordable and safe non-intrusive inspection (NII) solution for high-throughput vehicle scanning at border, critical infrastructure and other security and military checkpoints.

The Osprey-UVX is a fixed “in-the-ground” system that provides real-time undercarriage and lower vehicle imaging for security officers. Passengers can safely stay in the vehicle while under vehicle images are created using Viken’s X-ray imaging technology. Both a passenger and commercial versions are available, and mobile configurations are in the works.

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