/ Jun 4, 2020

Viken Announces “VALOR” Initiative to Provide Local, Underfunded Police Departments with Handheld Technology to Fight the Opioid Crisis

BURLINGTON, Mass.–Viken Detection, pioneer of x-ray imaging and analytical devices, today announced its “VALOR” initiative to provide free or at-cost refurbished HBI-120 handheld x-ray imagers to local, underfunded police departments. “VALOR” is an acronym for “Viken Assisting Law-enforcement in the Opioid Response.”

Viken Detection recently launched its Nighthawk-HBITM series, Viken’s next-generation handheld x-ray imaging platform for drug interdiction and other security missions. Building on the success of the HBI-120 with approximately 1,000 units fielded globally (including deployments with U.S. Customs and Border Protection), the Nighthawk-HBI introduces a new suite of game-changing features. Viken also announced its first award of multiple Nighthawk-HBI units with BRS Innovations to supply the Canadian Border Services Agency.

“As many of our law enforcement and government agencies migrate to our next-generation platform, Viken will use this opportunity to support local, underfunded police departments with our handheld technology,“ said Jim Ryan, CEO of Viken Detection. “We will either donate or provide at-cost refurbished HBI-120’s with our latest enhanced software packages.”

Viken Detection is the market leader in handheld x-ray imaging and in handheld lead-in-paint detection, helping officials in each of these capacities keep the public safe. Viken manufactured the first ever handheld device capable of imaging vehicles for drug interdiction. Viken also provides full-scale vehicle scanning equipment, under its Osprey-Portal Series, for border protection and critical infrastructure security.


About Viken Detection

Viken equips public safety organizations, including customs and border protection agencies, law enforcement, and security professionals with effective, safe, and affordable detection tools to thwart imminent threats. The company’s innovative suite of handheld x-ray imagers, chemical analyzers, vehicle scanners and elemental analyzers are proven and reliable in their respective markets with thousands of units operating in the field. Viken Detection is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit www.vikendetection.com.