/ May 9, 2024

Fentanyl scanners that were sitting idle for lack of federal funds can now be installed at the border to catch smugglers

/ Apr 15, 2024

Spotlight: Viken Detection focused on detecting public threats with breakthrough technologies

/ Apr 1, 2024

Burlington PD receives equipment donation from Viken Detection

/ Mar 6, 2024

Viken Detection: Detection technology that preys on threats

/ Jan 20, 2023

X-ray tech enhancing drug, gun detection at southern border

/ Jan 17, 2023

From the ground up, X-rays scan vehicles for contraband at border checkpoints

/ Dec 28, 2022

Greater Boston company deploys under-vehicle scanners to catch fentanyl, human traffickers at US border

/ Jul 10, 2021

Viken Detection Develops New Handheld Narcotics Analyzer for Drug Interdiction

/ Apr 27, 2021

Viken Also on Smiths Team for CBP Portal Contract, Strengthening Growth Prospects

/ Dec 9, 2020

Viken Detection: Stopping Drug Trafficking One Scan At A Time